My New Dyson Is Amazeballs!

Excuse the rather stupid title but it’s certainly true that my new compact little Dyson friend is going to be a godsend in my hectic household.

I have two young children and it’s not uncommon for me to find crumbs (or entire bits of food) on the floor along with all sorts of other mess that kids this age tend to produce. I’m sure the parents reading this will agree!

The thing is, it’s not convenient to get the full size vacuum cleaner out every time you want to clear up a bit of mess and neither is it possible to get all the crumbs out of a carpet using a dustpan and brush.

So I thought I’d treat myself to one of those nippy Dyson handhelds and I chose one of the older models (the DC44) after reading a review about it from another tumblr user. It seemed pointless to spend an extra £80 on the latest model when it probably more of an upgrade in name then features.

And after having it for 2 weeks now, I honestly can’t sing its praises enough. Hubby put the charging bracket on the wall and it now slips in and out in seconds so I can keep the floor clean and tidy for the little ones to run/crawl/sit on.

I like lots of things about my DC44 including how easy it is to empty, how good it is at picking up the cat’s hairs, how powerful it can be, how long the charge lasts and how lightweight it is (I never get tired of using it).

I know there are other brands of handheld vacuum cleaner available but I, for one, like to support British brands and while Dyson may not make their units in this country any more, they still employ a lot of people in design and engineering roles and they are truly groundbreaking in their R&D – I wonder what they will come up with next to make our lives easier and more stylish.

So that about wraps this post up – if you are thinking about getting some sort of handheld vac then I highly recommend a Dyson.